Grocery & Food Delivery Service in Salt Lake City, Utah

We apologize for the inconvenience; Shop4MeSLC currently does not accept single home deliveries. For business orders, please contact

(801) 930-0702 Phone Orders Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

grocery delivery service
Which Salt Lake City neighborhoods do you deliver to?
How quickly can you deliver?
What are the Shop4MeSLC service fees?
When do I pay for the groceries & service provided by Shop4MeSLC?
Can I get a receipt?
Does Shop4MeSLC allow returns of purchased items?
Do I have to be at home during the selected delivery window?
Can I order groceries for someone else?
Are there any restrictions on your grocery shopping items?
Can Shop4MeSLC guarantee the freshness of my groceries?
What do you do when you are unable to find my specific item in my grocery list?
What happens if Shop4MeSLC does not deliver my shopping list items during the selected time for delivery?
Can I modify or cancel an order that has been already submitted?
Does Shop4MeSLC deliver to businesses?
What grocery stores do you shop from?

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