Grocery & Food Delivery Service in Salt Lake City, Utah

We apologize for the inconvenience; Shop4MeSLC currently does not accept single home deliveries. For business orders, please contact

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ABout Us

We started Shop4MeSLC with the main goal of saving you time and letting you enjoy the things you like to do. Our team will take care of your grocery shopping list and deliver your groceries.

Why spend on average 90 minutes a week driving to your neighborhood grocery store, running into crazy crowds and waiting in long lines? We love doing your grocery shopping for you and letting you do what you do best. Spend that freed-up time with family and friends or just having some "Me time".

As busy professionals, we used to work 65 plus hours a week. We didn't have the desire to spend time grocery shopping when we could use it to spend quality time with family and friends, or enjoy other activities outside of work.  We also realized that our problems are not even close to the troubles that people with limited mobility and stay-at-home parents must be going through while trying to plan their daily or weekly grocery shopping trip. Let's face it; grocery shopping is not the way most of us want to spend our time.

Considering people with limited mobility, busy stay-at-home parents, business professionals and just those folks that simply don't enjoy grocery shopping, we started Shop4MeSLC in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our goal is to offer you an easy step-by-step online process, submit your shopping list online or over the phone, and finally select a convenient time for us to deliver your groceries to your doorstep the same day or up to five days from the order date. We shop and deliver 7 days a week and all holidays. You pay for your groceries and our shopping and delivery fees when we deliver your groceries to you at your address. You are not required to input tedious payment information online. We are always conscious of your specific needs and preferences and are always looking to find the best quality and price just as you would do if you were shopping in person.

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